Monika Kocareva is
a fashion designer

and owner of the “Atelier Kocareva”, where she works like a designer .

She successfully completed her Bachelor and Master studies in “University American College Skopje” in architecture and design, completing her studies in June 2016.

During her studies she attended a course for fashion design at the center for creative courses in Skopje. After graduation and finishing the course she returned to Ohrid and started practice for fashion design. In August 2016 opens her own fashion atelier in Ohrid.

Atelier Kocareva opened in August 2016, in the grounds of Hotel Kocarev, Ohrid. It started with one goal – raising the awareness among citizens about how the look can say so much about the person and personality.

The concept of the work covers the entire process from design represented by sketch, tailoring, construction all the way to getting the final product.

We always strive for more simple models with beautiful cuts. Often we find inspiration in the history of fashion, investigating and contemplating certain segments important to the fashion industry.

We asked our self : “How much one look can tell about the person and her character?!”

We have come up with an idea to open a fashion studio right in the place where fashion is lagging behind.
What we wanted to prove most to ourselves and to others, is that fashion is not imposed, but it is the right to choose. But in order for people to keep up with it, they need to be well informed about it.
No one’s hard work is for vain. Our goal was accomplished with tremendous effort and desire for success.
Every day we proudly open the doors of our studio, knowing that we have achieved what we wanted. We raised awareness among the citizens, and they gave us their confidence, which is the most important thing for us.
We are grateful to all our customers, because without them we would not be here today.

Paying attention to the detail of a design means you consciously examine and polish every element of your design–whether simple or complicated. It means you only include what is necessary, and you make necessary elements beautiful.

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